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Done With Admin

Superadmin with a human Interface


aboutDoneWithAdmin was founded 2011 as an alternative to traditional Business Services by letting the human interface permeate all levels of the business and collaborations. The company is organized as a flat Superadminteam, providing Business Services such as accounting, reporting and everyday admin and happily serve as a filter between Entrepreneurs and bureaucrats.DoneWithAdmin’s main Office is located in Lund and operates in the Öresund region with focus on serial Entrepreneurs and their businesses.

We work with some of Swedens leading serial Entrepreneurs such as Hampus Jakobsson (TAT, Dexplora), Jonas Birgersson (Framfab, Via Europa) and Peter Sunde (Flattr).



Others about DoneWithAdmin:


Hampus Jakobsson (TAT, Dexplora) ” Quick response, effective & problem solvers.”

Linus Olsson, (Flattr, Hemlis) ” DWA just solves the admin-stuff without me having to think about it which realeases time and energy to focus on core tasks.”

Jonas Birgersson (Framfab, Via Europa) “Maria is dedicated her tasks and is a loyal admin deliverer.”

Per Thulin (Happy Edit, Youtify) “Maria & her co-workers at DoneWithAdmin ensures that I can concentrate on my ideas and focus on what I do best, without loosing energy to administrate my projects.”




Experts from DWA’s network:

Mona Johansson (Företagsekonomerna på Limhamn) “Working with Maria is effective, and feels very personal also when most of the work is done over the Web.”

Marianne Larsson (Teknopol) ” Maria has an and a nice approach to her clients and work tasks, I am glad to recommend her for different networks and collaborations.”

Ann Theander (Grant Thornton) “Maria builds a personal relationship and is dedicated to her clients and their missions.”

Bengt Bengtzell (Accounting expert) “DoneWithAdmin has interesting cases and well prepared questions.”